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Seed Fund - Agri - in flat 2 Days

Want to startup and get seed funded in 2 days flat?

As we continue to build Ninjacart we have come to a humble submission it is definitely not possible to organise the entire Agri Ecosystem by one company. The only way to achieve this dream is to work/promote/partner/develop like minded talented team who could dream with us.

Agri - Idea - Seed

Do you have an idea, you want to own and solve problems at scale we would like to partner with you. Even if you don't have an idea but have passion and zeal to solve problems independently we love you.

What does partnering mean

1. Seed Capital for your dream

2. Access to Ninjacart team

3. Access to our farmers, partners and customers

4. Access to our Infrastructure and our learnings


1. Min 3-4 member team

2. Ready to work full time work on the idea

3. Can think and build technology

We believe technology is the only way to build scalable solution.

The process will be simple.

Two calls - First call for screening and second for evaluation - 2 days from the first call flat to get a yes or no from Ninjacart.

All you have to do is send a mail to

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